Upgrade Your Oral Health with a Scale and Polish Treatment

Get gleaming, healthy teeth

Detect problems early

Love your smile

Protect yourself from cavities

Got a Dental Problem, or Just Need a Check Up?

Regular dental checkups are essential for proper oral hygiene. Transform your dental health and the appearance of your teeth by scheduling a checkup or scale-and-polish treatment.

Burwood Dental Care is comprised of expert dentists who treat all patients with the same care and attention. If it’s been a while since your last checkup, contact Burwood Dental Care today.

Instead of only visiting your dentist when there is a problem with your teeth, we recommend having regular checkups, twice per year. This will involve a routine examination of your mouth, teeth, gums, jaw, and restorations.

We will assess the current state of your oral health and discuss potential treatment options. Don’t put it off – book your dental check up in Burwood today.

What Happens at Your Scale and Clean Appointment

Our scale and clean service removes buildup that you can’t reach despite good brushing and flossing habits.

During the cleaning process, your dentist will remove tartar and plaque, share tips for improving dental hygiene habits, and help you eliminate symptoms of gum disease.

Our team uses ultrasonic vibrations, dental instruments, and mist sprays to remove traces of bacteria. Finally, a fluoride treatment is applied to complete the process.

We also offer:

We’ll recommended an aftercare plan so you can take proper care of your teeth between visits.

Oral Hygiene Tips

Depending on what we find during your checkup, we may advise that you follow certain steps to keep your teeth in the best condition possible.

Your dental checkup in Burwood will leave you feeling extra prepared to maintain excellent oral hygiene standards. Here are some helpful tips:

Don’t wait until there’s a problem with your dental health to consult a dentist. Regular checkups are essential if you want to catch problems before they get out of hand.

Even if you take care of your teeth, there are certain problems that aren’t apparent at first glance. It’s always better to consult a professional if you have concerns about the state of your smile.

Need a Scale and Polish Treatment to Bring Back Your Best Smile? Contact Burwood Dental Care Today

Burwood Dental Care is the premier destination for outstanding oral care in Burwood. Our dentists are friendly professionals with years of experience treating patients and administering innovative oral care treatments.

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