Digital Smile Design Burwood

Reconfigure your dental structure for a new smile with the look and feel you’ve always wanted thanks to state-of-the-art technology called Digital Smile Design in Burwood.

Preview Your Makeover Beforehand

Become Part of the Smile Design Process

See Your Final Results As They’ll Be

Feel Confident in the Process

If you’ve found yourself wondering what you might look like with that picture-perfect smile, now’s your chance to see it in-person thanks to Digital Smile Design in Burwood.
digital smile design

Innovative Dental Care for Brand New Smiles

Do you struggle daily with your crooked, gapped, or missing teeth? These are common dental issues that can make individuals feel self-conscious about their smile, holding them back to living a full life. Thanks to the latest and greatest in dental technology, Burwood Dental Care is pleased to offer Digital Smile Design (DSD) to help patients envision their final results and the perfect smile they’ve dreamed of. 

Beautiful smiles are great, but when you struggle with your current dental state, it can be hard to envision pearly whites on yourself. DSD technology uses special digital imaging machinery to create a mock-up of what your soon-to-be smile will look like after all treatments are complete. Seeing the final results makes any treatment plans that much easier and boosts excitement for what’s to be found at the finish line.

The Digital Smile Design Process

Thanks to the latest and greatest technology, you can be a part of the design team for your new smile. Here’s what you can expect from our Digital Smile Design process:


We’ll check out your dental health to get a benchmark for where you are currently.


We’ll perform an examination of your mouth and face to understand how your jaw and other components of your face impact your dental health.


We’ll take photos and videos of both the outside and inside of your mouth to use with our digital imaging software.

Final Results Trial

Your dentist will create a mock-up of what your final smile makeover will look like so you can try it on before any of the treatment work begins.

Building Your New Smile Before It Happens

Our dentists create treatment plans based on your current oral health needs, dental alignment, and patient expectations, but we understand that patients like to feel involved in the process of perfecting their teeth, as well.

That’s why this approach works so well. Together with your dentist, you’ll use special digital imaging technology to slowly adjust your smile to show the results of certain treatments so you can get a sneak preview at what your finished results will look like. The final results of DSD technology will be realized through various different treatment options, including:

Are you ready to try a new smile on for size?

Get a preview of what your perfect smile will look like before any treatment begins with Digital Smile Design in Burwood.

Schedule a consultation for your digital smile design with our Burwood dentist by calling us or scheduling online.

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