Effects of Sugar From Sodas On Your Teeth

Sugary sodas

Have you had a glass or a bottle of soda today? Are you aware of the health complications that come with drinking sodas regularly and the effects of sugar from sodas on your teeth?

The amount of information on the internet has led many to believe some myths about sugar when it comes to your teeth. Any treat that contains natural or processed sugars delivers that sweet taste we all love. Unfortunately, what goes into our mouths can impact our oral and overall health. This also goes for sodas, which are not considered a healthy option in your daily diet and the effects of sugar from sodas on your teeth can have a long-lasting negative effect.

Consuming drinks that are high in sugar is commonly associated with conditions such as type 2 diabetes and obesity. From an oral health perspective, sodas can also have a damaging impact on your smile.

Read below to learn about the effects of sugar from sodas on your teeth.

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How Soda Interacts Inside Your Mouth

When you consume soda, the sugar interacts with bacteria inside your mouth. When bacteria and sugar come together, this forms an acid attack on your teeth. Regular acid attacks demineralize your enamel. Demineralization is caused by the interaction of bacteria inside the mouth. This dissolves your enamel, which is located on the front surface of your teeth that’s designed to keep your smile white.

The food and drink you consume will penetrate inside your mouth. The food debris can land on your tongue and even become stuck in between your teeth. The enamel is designed to protect any food debris from penetrating within the teeth to prevent discolouration, cavities and tooth decay.

What Happens When The Enamel Dissolves?

A dissolved enamel opens up the opportunity for harmful bacteria and sugars to penetrate inside the mouth and come together as acid, forming an acid attack. Frequent acid attacks mean that the minerals your enamel needs to stay strong are removed.

Eventually, the acid attack opens up holes inside your teeth, which is a cavity. This means that the hole within the centre of the tooth can invite bacteria in the tooth root and penetrate inside your gums, causing gum disease. Eventually, constant acid attacks lead to tooth decay. Read here to learn more about enamel erosion.

Bad nutrition leading to poor oral health

Reduce Your Sugar Consumption Now

If you’re a regular soda drinker and a fan of processed sugars, the effect of soda from sugars on your teeth means that you should introduce a balanced diet that involves drinking water and foods containing minerals to strengthen your enamel. Whilst you may believe drinking smaller units of soda isn’t that harmful, it makes no difference as to whether you drink high amounts or low amounts within a meal setting or as a snack, because you’re inviting sugar to stay inside the mouth, allowing it to build bad bacteria and dissolve your enamel.

Are you seeking advice on the nutritional value you can eat for a strong and healthy smile? If you’re seeking more advice on the effects of sugar from sodas on your teeth? Contact our helpful Burwood Dental Care team and we’d be happy to support you and your smile. Book your check-up here today!

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