How Drinking Water Improves Oral Health

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If you’re not consuming enough units of water during the day, it is time for you to change that. It is one of the key steps as part of best practice for healthy teeth. There are many benefits in drinking water to your overall health, not just your oral health. The quality of your smile is important, and not just brushing your teeth, but drinking water should be a priority as part of positive oral hygiene.

Our body is 60% water. Your muscles need water and we already know the benefits it brings to our bodies. It gets rid of waste, keeps skin glowing and benefits muscle growth.

Another essential benefit is how water is beneficial to your teeth. Below breaks down just how drinking water improves your oral health.

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Keeps Teeth Strong

Drinking water throughout the day helps to clear your mouth from food debris which is a trigger for plaque build-up and tooth decay. This helps to keep harmful bacteria at bay whilst making sure your enamel, placed at the front layer of the tooth surface, is protected. Adding to this, it is even better if the water you drink contains fluoride, because fluoride is designed to keep cavities low and maintain a strong tooth structure.

Reduces Bad Breath

Most bacteria can be found on your tongue and this is the likely cause of bad breath. Bad breath can be embarrassing and have a negative impact on your smile confidence. Water washes away any bacteria build-up and food debris, reducing the bad odour.

Fights Dry Mouth

Your first line of defence is saliva, and it is really important that your saliva production is at a high level. Now you know that water washes away food debris and harmful bacteria particles, your salivary glands should remain moist to keep your mouth clean and teeth healthy. For your salivary glands to remain moist, you need to drink more water!

Reduces Acidic Levels

A lot of us probably do not pay attention to the acidic level the remains in our mouths. Acid is also a symptom of poor oral hygiene and can contribute to tooth decay. This stems from the food and drink you eat. Therefore, replace sugar and starchy foods with vegetables, calcium and fluoride, and your smile will reap the benefits!

Zero Calories

If you didn’t know by now, water is completely calorie-free! You may think this has zero impact on your oral health, but it does. The drinks that contain sugar not only contributes to weight gain but also contributes to tooth decay. There is no extra sugar added to a diet that includes drinking water.

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If you’re not drinking enough water, it is recommended that you change this and make it a daily habit. This is especially for children, where you want to bring up your child with the appropriate oral hygiene tips that ensures of healthy tooth development. As an adult, drinking water is equally important so that your smile stays healthy for life.

Does your oral routine include drinking water? Do you carry out a strong routine? If not, you’re missing out on some key oral health benefits. For further advice for your oral routine, contact us at Burwood Dental Care today, or check yourself in for an appointment.

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