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Getting a filling is one of the most common dental procedures in existence, but we still want to make sure that you feel entirely comfortable with the process. Tooth coloured or white fillings have become increasingly popular because of how they can repair the tooth without detracting from your beautiful smile. Keep reading to learn all about getting tooth fillings in Burwood.

What Are White Fillings?

White fillings are comprised of plastic and ceramic. You might also hear them referred to as “composite fillings.” They can adhere directly to the tooth, and their colour matches that of your natural tooth. These filling are great for restoring your tooth’s natural look and shape.


After getting a filling, taking care of your teeth is not much different from regular recommended care for a healthy mouth. However, you may want to avoid eating solid food on the side of your mouth, where you got the filling for a few days to prevent infection or bacterial buildup.

Other than that, we suggest that you brush and floss your teeth twice a day. It would help if you also considered using fluoride toothpaste to ward off future tooth decay.

What is the White Filling Procedure?

Let’s walk through all the steps of the treatment, so you understand precisely what will happen.

Step 1

The dentist will administer local anaesthetic to the affected area so that it will become numb for the procedure, and you will stay comfortable.

Step 2

The dentist will ensure the tooth is clean, and they will use an acid gel to remove bacteria.

Step 3

The dentist will apply the filling material to fill the cavity. They will then use a bonding light to harden it.

Step 4

The dentist will polish the filling so that it bonds with your teeth appropriately, and you are happy with the look and feel.

How Do White Filling Compare to Other Options?

Tooth coloured fillings are a newer innovation in dentistry. Traditionally, fillings were made from a mixture of metals, including tin, copper, mercury, and silver. These silver coloured fillings do not blend into the tooth and can be quite noticeable.

Silver fillings also require the dentist to remove more of the tooth, even healthy parts, before the dentist can implant them. It must also be noted that roughly 1% of patients develop a mercury allergy and react adversely to silver fillings.

Generally, white fillings are used on the front teeth and the sides of teeth. They are also used to reshape broken teeth. On the other hand, silver fillings are more commonly used on rear molars because they are more durable and last longer. The silver colour is less of a problem for back molars because people see these teeth less frequently.

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