Why Do You Avoid Dental Check-Ups?

Lady suffering with dental anxiety

It is always recommended that you regularly visit the dentist for a dental check-up, preferably every six months. Although sometimes, this doesn’t always happen and there could be many reasons as to why. There may be even reasons that you cannot resolve.

Whether it be because you simply don’t think its important or you have circumstances beyond your control. Either way, the five reasons picked out below are ones we consider to be the most popular.

Let’s read on to understand what these reasons are:

Lady with oral health problems

Dental Anxiety

Do you feel anxious even just thinking about the dentist? Fear can stop people from doing various things and avoiding dental check-up appointments is one of them. Formally known as Dentophobia, anxiety can be caused by a previous dental experience of the past, the fear of sharp objects touching your mouth or the lack of trust with your dentist. It can be difficult for people with these anxieties to move forward to visit the dentist even if they wish to.

Luckily, dentists are now much more aware of Dentophobia and strive to ensure the environment is as comfortable and relaxing as possible. They may even administer sedative techniques to assist you through your check-up appointment.

Treatment Costs

Money is a factor for many people, and the cost of dental treatment is simply something you cannot afford. The dentist can cost a lot of money, however, the amount you spend at the dentist is dependent on the health of your mouth. Dental procedures are expensive but are only required if your oral health isn’t in a good state. You can avoid paying too much at the dentist if look after your teeth well at home and regularly visit the dentist for a check-up.

Lack Of Insurance

There is a myth that suggests that if you don’t have dental insurance, then you shouldn’t visit the dentist, or paying without insurance isn’t worth it. Insurance may be too high to afford the procedures, or you cannot afford the insurance. These are both reasonable reasons to avoid the dentist. Ensure that you seek an alternative, or even visit the dentist for some support.

Not Necessary

Believe it or not, people believe that simply brushing and flossing teeth every day means that a visit to the dentist is not required. This is naïve to think that oral health is only about your teeth. Oral health is concerned with your mouth, such as the gums, jaw and bone. Therefore, just because you experience no symptoms, this does not mean your oral health is perfect. It is also beneficial for the dentist to confirm that your oral health is in a good state, and they are the only people who can.


Some people may suffer from low self-esteem. This means when they view their teeth or smile in the mirror, they are shameful of their own appearance and do not want to disclose this at the dentist. They may also experience symptoms of bad breath. This can bring fear of being judged on their oral health. The dentist will never judge the appearance of anybody’s teeth and are only there to help restore your smile and restore positive oral health.

Aside from these reasons, trust may also be a key reason why patients do not visit their local dentist. Choose a dentist that you can trust and one that you are most comfortable with.

A professional dentist

The dentists are always aware that some patients may have some sort of fear that makes them avoid dental check-ups. It is highly recommended that any avoidance reasons are shared to your dentist. This doesn’t necessarily need to be in person. You may also call them to discuss your concerns.

Are you due a check-up at the dentist? Improvement of your oral health is only one appointment away and you can reap these benefits. Contact us at Burwood Dental Care for a dental check-up today!

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